About Us

McKenzie and Spencer Dixon

McKenzie and Spencer Dixon met in 2020, a few months after Spencer completed his service in the US Army and was reintegrating into Civilian Life. Spencer had always dreamed of starting his own business and with experience in the tree industry, he decided to pursue what was the start of Dixon Trees LLC shortly after they started dating. Mckenzie and Spencer got married in April of 2022 and welcomed a honeymoon baby boy that December. Not only is Dixon Trees a fast growing small business but so is their little family with another baby girl due in the Summer of 2024. Spencer attributes the success of Dixon Trees because of what the U.S. Army instilled in him through honor, integrity and respect. If you read our reviews, we are proud that those words come up a lot to describe us!


Chipper joined the Dixon Trees Crew in the Fall of 2023. Chipper makes sure the guys stay on task and guarantees your emails are answered in a timely manner. Chipper is also a fan favorite on our social media. Be sure to follow us on Facebook!